A 70’s vintage treat of 10 rock songs, mirroring the zietgeist of 1974, with a hint of the burlesque from Beggars Opera, through the powerful deep sensuous rock blues vocals of Pete Scott’s Jack the Ripper to the soaring melodies of Ricky Gardiner’s guitar solos, gently tucked in by Virginia Scott ‘s multiple keyboards and Mike Travis laid back virtuosity.

Digital remaster of the Beggars Opera vintage Sagittary album originally released on vinyl 1974 by Jupiter Records Germany and on CD in 2007 Repertoire Records Germany.

Ricky Gardiner: Guitars
Virginia Scott: Keys
Pete Scott: Vocals
Mike Travis : Drums

RGS 9505

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Beggars Can’t be Choosers


Beggars Opera Beggars Can’t be Choosers RGS 9506 on itunes:
70’s vintage rock with more than a hint of burlesque Zappa style comedy cartooning raunch from Beggars Opera: through Pete Scott’s power driven hot blues vocals of roadie anthem ‘I’m a Roadie‘, the singsong chord harmonies of Ricky Gardiner‘s guitar, to the Ballardian desolation of the long imaginary expressionist Western style finale ‘Death’, generously coloured by Virginia Scott‘s multiple keys/ synths of the day and drums of the celebrated Clem Cattini.

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