Lose a Life Lyrics



LOSE A LIFE nano opera
 RGS 9485

Virginia Scott 2008
Copyright Ricky Gardiner Songs


Electrofire Invasion

My brain hurts
My eyes blur
I am crushed

I am numb and motionless from electrofire invasion
Save me
Save me

My head spins
My cells shiver
My thoughts dissolve

I am numb and motionless from electrofire invasion
Save me
Save me


Electro Half Light

To be so disconnected
From the modern world I know and love
Feels so cruel and painful
Intolerably cruel and painful
Yet the shelter I inhabit will not save me
From the electro half light

And although my sensory threshold
Has been breached and flooded
I am a new estuary
And the music in my soul still resonates
Like a deep ultrasonic wave
And I must find a way to speak to you
In this electro half light

So lifting my instrument
From it’s still life cushion
And stroking the silver dust from it’s strings
I reach out and find you again
And fixing my gaze on the living horizon
In this electro half light

I need to find a way
To tell you


Masts on my Roof

Masts on my roof
Up on the 10th floor of 10
Pulsing above my head day and night
Electro fallout’s engulfing me
As I sit alone

I raise my hand to feel my brow
I am cold and I want to be warm again
Cradle me back to the surface
And calm my shivering cells

Electro sensitivity
Challenging connectivity

Flickering strip light resonates in my ears
Vibrating my eyes and distorting my vision
So here I sit
My life out of bounds

There’s no escape no electrofire extinguisher
Yet fall out must subside in a quiet safe place
But here I sit
In a frozen perspective

Electro sensitivity
Challenging connectivity

‘Good morning’ said the doctor
What seems to be the problem
The mobile phone masts on your roof making you feel very ill?
And … tell me
Are you hearing any voices ?

No…I’m not

You look very ill to me
But there’s nothing we can do
We can only wish you luck

Microwave binary frequencies
Signalling and transmitting
Modifying our destiny relenteless and blind
This inaudible tide
Pulses everywhere
I’m electrosensitive
Where do I go from here?


Cosmic Tango

Up on the 10th floor
I run out of food
I need to make a dash for the supermarket

So tripping down the fire escape
Dodging the strip lights
I reach fresh air traffic and resonance

Sprint down the street
Dodging the microwaves
Street light displays and CCTV cameras

Now in the entrance
Zapped by the scanners
Every little slogan dazzling my eyes

I’m in here now
Got to get some sustenance
And navigate my exit on automatic pilot

My heart is pounding
My vision destabled
I’m counting down from 9 to 1 to minimise my panic

At 9-8-7 I’m clutching spanish oranges
At 6-5-4 I tumble white milk
At 3-2-1 I reaching out for scottish bread
Small piercing eco-lights causing me to blank

Cosmic tango
Electrifiy your energy today
(The cosmic tango in your head is real totally real)

Reaching the check out
Tills and lasers shimmering
Microwaves drowning me I’ve got to get out

I’m stuck in a queue
Mobile ringtone orchestras
Drilling behind me and zapping my brain

I race out of hazard now
Abandoning my trolley
Side stepping school kids and leaving all my food

Hurtling past security
I reach the open pavement
I sit down one the edge I’m tango’d totally tango’d


Dr Carlo

Never in my mind
Could I have known what he knows
So thank you for talking to us Dr Carlo

Suddenly I see
What is happening to me
Thank you for talking to us Dr Carlo

I listened and watched
As diagrams appeared on the wall
100 or more of us receiving you loud and clear

Carlo says we suffer from membrane sensitivity
Disrupting our cells deep inside

My face burns
My heart cramps
My orientation fades
At least now I know why

Never in my mind
Could I have known what he knows
So thank you for talking to us Dr Carlo

I listened and watched
And clung to every word he said

My face burns
My heart cramps
My orientation fades
Will I ever be the same again


Tango for the End of Time Instrumental

Lose a Life

Imagine a world in which every day objects emit such harmful radiation it makes normal existence impossible and what if these emissions seriously damage the health of individuals on a global scale?
It sounds like science fiction, but that is the plight of those suffering from electrosensitivity according to the creators of this extraordinary album.

‘The purpose of this album is to raise the profile of the world problem of electrosensitivity. The method used here is essentially a sonic biography of my ʻexistenceʼ living with the nightmare of electrosensitivity.
The lyrics Virginia has written are a direct reflection of what has been observed in me and in no way exaggerated thus carry the power of truth. It is my contention that all people are to some extent ES which remains at a more or less manageable level until something happens in life which dramatically lowers the threshold to the susceptibility of the ES problem. This has been confirmed by Dr George Carlo, who maintains that there is always an ʻeventʼ that triggers the descent into ES. Does anybody on this earth get through life without some significant event?”

Ricky Gardiner 2010

Lose a Life RGS 9485 nano opera was written by composer Virginia Aurora Scott

based on the true story of Ricky Gardiner‘s ES.

01/ Electrofire Invasion
02/ Electro Half Light
03/ Masts on my Roof
04/ Cosmic Tango
05/ Dr.Carlo
06/ Tango for the End of Time

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