All Tomorrows Thinking Lyrics



All Tomorrows Thinking RGS 9494

A collection of surreal songs created from Ricky Gardiner‘s Guitar archives. Twin release to Suddenly Ahead Ahead: RGS 9483.

Virginia Aurora Scott

01 How She Swam

She powdered her visage with color and pigment
And sound fresh flowers

Scenting her lipstick and glass in swirls
And sound fresh flowers

She crazed over green satin dress
And sound fresh flowers
Fluffing her long heavy cloak
With sound fresh flowers

Laughing at un joke imaginaire
Of her own composition
How she swam in her exotic meditations.

02 Tomorrows Thinking

Mind if I ask you a question
How can we measure the future?
How do you capture your dreams ?
And how do you measure the answer?

What if you looked on your mailbox
How would you answer my questions?
What is this notion of progress?
And why are you wearing my jacket?

Sharing an imaginary landscape
Colouring and shading virtual hours.

In tomorrows thinking a call will follow me there
All tomorrows thinking the same thing

03 Those Echoes

I race you to the edge touching only empty space
Out there
I saw you on TV walking over fast clouds
To me

I felt the soft machine kindling a memorial
In me
I thank you for the tree warming my living day
Be strong

And in the gaze of the world
Those echoes surround me
And in the true light of day
Those echoes surround me

I’m listening to you sensible of gathering
Your calm
And in my own time I’m reaching out to you
Growing close my friend

04 Perfectly Lovely

Crossing the sea on the breath of a lifetime
Alive and sereneon this heavenly day
Over the estuary flying over the shoreline
Swimming in the salt water alive and clean

It’s perfectly lovely up here.

Floating in sky over rocks and volcanoes
Alive and serene in this heavenly way
Facing the earth with the tips of my fingers
Licking the sir alive and clean

05 Catching on To You

Crown of my diamond a tear of the sun
I gaze at the cinders in a soft slow hum
How did the clock shine to the seasons shift
From the golden city like opening lips

Catching on to you
And holding nothing

A new confrontation in a minor scale
Unresisted and fragile it floated for days
And the trail goes cold and freezes over

Catching on to you
But holding nothing
Surrendering to similar evocations
LIke a silvery shadow a key to the lock
Sometimes it eases and sometimes it fades

06 Save Me

Something in her blue eyes
Haunted him more and more

Fast slicker of the radiant sun
Of the long large light of the sun
Leaves you in calmer waters
Syne the wee tower bridges
Of a safer than destiny box
Of reels and reels of parkland
A soft tree in a lie grassing bay
Connecting in a simple way
Save me

Gloomy preludes against the sun
Cold orange autumn
Leave’s you in calmer waters
Syne the wee tower bridges
Of a safer than destiny box
Of reels and reels of parkland
Still space for 23 wishes in 23 wells
Save me.

Stone in the river flow
Feeling a memory
Leaves you in calmer waters
Syne the wee small bridges
In a safer than destiny box
In reels and reels of parkland
Sunset reeling in a silvery shadow
On crusty earth
Save me

07 Faces in You

Possibly an unfamiliar day dream simplifies a languid stare
Seemingly an unintended sorrow clarifies an empty scare
Consciously an overlapping image generates a brilliant flare
Always want to see the faces in you always want to see you again.

Suddenly and inexpressive notion fantasised my silvine page
Quietly the incoherent sentence breathalised a long lost rage
Consciously an overlapping image generates a brilliant flare
Always want to see the faces in you always want to see you again.

Copyright Ricky Gardiner Songs 2010


Beggars Opera Suddenly Ahead Ahead Lyrics

Lyrics for Beggars Opera Suddenly Ahead Ahead RGS 9483 by Virginia Aurora Scott

A collection of surreal songs created from Ricky Gardiner‘s Guitar archives.

01 Suddenly Ahead Ahead

Psychedelic sitting pretty world in motion letting go
time out
Stratocruising on the run monumental everything
Something white streaks across the nothingness of circulation
Suddenly ahead ahead soapy bubble soapy bubble

Deconstructive procreation incoherent superficial
Cosmic ray controversy totally completely
Futuristic dying horses generating overwhelming
Suddenly ahead ahead soapy bubble soapy bubble

Suddenly ahead ahead reality
Splicing so fragile a serenity

02 So We Crash

You need to show me who you are
And I so need to be a shadow
Your steps and invertible tags in a collision
With my scar tissues neatly fondling the crown
That I no longer wear

So we crash
In the mindhills

Running out before it’s to late
Beating my brains in the furrowed past
You loose me in a dream when I was brave
Alive and fluorescent covering my naked fear

03 Soft Umbilical Machine

I find it hard to be so soft
I find it hard to be so slow
I find it hard to connect

A man once said to me wait a bit
Wait a bit and hang on to yourself
Instead inside I miled a minute
Tender gaze of intensity

After birth left from some years ago
Pouring onto canvases
Did not dance prematurely
Tender gaze of intensity.

Surrogate mother
After birth half life
Surrogate mother
Won’t you take it away from me

Chilling machine of tempo race
In speed of tiny beats
Fix of face under roofs
Tender gaze of intensity.

04 Towers Falling

Sometime in spring
Time and last more
She woke from a dream
That would change her life
In a field of black daisies
In a river called the swim
A creeping sensation
Clipped a persons wing
She looked up
To the impenetrable sky space
Towers falling!

Blue eyes not skin
She’s staying still
As she wakes from a dream
That would change her life
Deep in the forest
Scattered and bare
As she wakes form a dream
That would change her life

Towers falling

Sometime in spring
She would wake from a dream
Of towers falling.

05 When Your Were Rosy

Over the snowy mind’s eye
Love to see that time
When you were rosy.

In a small country garden
You densed into the voile

A long solo miniature
In tempo vast secret

Leap across your time soft slow
In a red box in a red room sky
When you were rosy.

This was before you could know
What it meant to cry

This is the way we go
Forward in past love.

06 Sad Song
Looking over the hill to my place of sad songs
Why am I inside out?
It’s a house in the still space of sad song
Why am I inside out?

There are sounds that echo of sad songs
Leaving me inside out In the vale of clear water
And sad songs
Leaving me inside out

I can’t believe
It was all so long ago
Why am I only returning to you now?

Station of love burst and sad song
Why am I inside out?
The rifle in his hand and sad song
Why am I inside out?

07 Dance To Me

Dance to me
A little dance
To me.

And down in the gloaming
Into the park
Where frosty nettles quiver
And new found love hasten you

I shall return
And worm the night with you

Flicker and night time
Moonlight and stare
Where frosty nettles quiver
And new found love hasten you.

Flexing her flower
Eclat of moth
Where frosty nettles quiver
And new found love hasten you

08 Shadow Psychology

Utopian mysteries flickering pages
Shadow psychology

Globalisation a brief introduction
Higher dimensions

Magical image shape on the surface
Data glove gestures

Try understanding tangled quadrillions
Nano technology

Copyright RGS 2010.

Touching the Edge Lyrics


Beggars Opera lyrics from TOUCHING THE EDGE RGS 9475 by Virginia Scott


I lied to you for I love you
I lied to you cos I wanted me to seem
Like a dancer in the wind

Edges, edges push me over into a sensational end
Caught in the surreal sorcery that
Was the sensational end
Always blind to the nocturnes and sky
Was the sensational end
Running wild to catch to be caught
Was the sensational end
Fear and nakedness torture trapped in love
Was the sensational end
Senseless paradise summerly closing
Was the sensational end.

Did you look at her?
Was she drawing you ?
Was she drawing you into her day ?
Cos you did it once before
Cos you found a lasting reason
It was all that you needed to do it once again
All those edges all these dances
Leading into the dark spite
Dozing in the stolen dreamer images of you
In the lie I told you
For I lied to you


Did you see her that day when I left you
Did you see what she could do to you?
I know you could show me even though
You never felt that it was true
I just changed and you didn’t want to know
I ran, I ran a million miles to find you
When I saw that she was still there staring
At you with those eyes
Eyes of hyena wild and keen for the kill
I just cried to you in the night Ill never forget
I ran, I ran a million miles to find you
I littered my mind with conscientious thoughts of crime
And jealousy rose in a tempestuous confusion
Sharp incisions lasting in the pain of you.


Will this necessarily combine into special feelings
I can not see I find it better not to think
It’s worth just going for the experiential abrasion
Then it heals.

Beauty, animal.
No re appearance
No whisper in your ear
No hand on your leg
Where to be in case it attracts
Attraction gaze?

Utter face expression need appearance
Suggestion, extreme defense away
Pretend it’s not there
But how you not do it when it’s deep inside you
Let it turn

Song sense height activity
Lean over cliff edge ability
No combination, read the sign of coming in your eyes
Falling over the heels of wonder

Go forward walk into the desert
Fear doesn’t mean you can’t do it
Only that you still thinking
Climbing into the clear blue Dali sky
Anonymous shells try bells
Let it turn.


Freak your self with a dose of Africa
Love the way you song to me
And priested my way with solemnly chosen words
And ways of lengthy introduction
That took my breath away
Entering my space so unobtrusively
As if you needed to be there
For you – only you
What comes on you, to look at me that way
When your so disquiet
But I couldn`t love you anyway
Yes, I could somehow look interested
But just for one day night

Don`t let this go up into the escalator of tall stories

It was that way, no frame day
So sing say everything I wanted
To drive on was in the automatic
What`s come on you, to look at me that way,
When your so disquiet
That I couldn`t love you any way
Yes, I could look somehow interested but
Just for one day -night

No, don`t let this go up into the escalator of tall stories

Quick cold mirror screen give me what you feel
I can`t help the sun it`s so blind
It can`t engage this driving in the dark


Those eyes see those sounds come
The cry in the dark in it’s intensity wasn’t even heard

Arrest this image frozen on an eye

Somewhere held in the palm of the overlooking standing in this space
And the eyes are telling me what
I don’t want to know
Going to it all nothing can come of it
Sign side image rolling over the waves
Of the land and the waters of shore
Those eyes see those sounds come
Lapping into the bodies
Of all the dead memories
Left in shell bells of a love dream fantasia


Jimmy I’m sending you a picture come along with me
Craze me till the hills roll away with the mist song
Love you, love me with you’re neat smile and your abandon
The vdu won’t hit you ‘cos you run too fast
Give me dream time

Hey look at you, look at me sing swimming and waving
At the clock radiation century glow
No information relay looking at the vdu injury
Creeping into electrical sensitivity
Give me dream time

Take over the screen you talk like an angel
Kiss me till your blue and don’t revive me
Till dream time
The de-electrification of the 21st century
Is coming towards us
The angst crated and boxed to a pop-star far away
With long blond hair and the see through trousers
Leaping on our screen like a chinese dragon
Selling our song

Give me dream time

Love me all over magic all around you
In the love you make me feel hang it on the wall
Make me feel dream time


Kissing you in the back of the world,
Loving you in the shades of my mind
Beautiful hands wonderful eyes
Looking to see if your looking at me.

No response in your calm
Till an ocean creates you.

I lie there I be you
Suckling on the tears of my fantasies.

Drawing breathe from these incredible suspicions
When I kissed your body and felt you smile
And the far away reality
Touching the edge


Sad words on the internet pages grey with lies
But who’s out there reading them
When you wish it was no one
Cool head in the chaos don’t die out in the tank
With soft illusion to the heart.
Wearing a sleeveless gown
Darting your precious silken hair
In the folds of a madder than rose love you knot
Mirror image
Mirror image on the wall
So long, not so long since I saw you exhibiting
A keen sense of self expression haunting for adoration
I wanted to tell you
I saw you arranging how time goes on
I think I believe you but I’m not so sure
Of this intractable love
It could have been easy
No way can I have you
The deep shadows are telling me.
This canvas like some bandages laid out in front of me
Stretching a soul out


This is the end river over me
This is the end river over me

The rainbow of your lips is so soft and so sorrowful
Into my dreams in the storm of our love

Kisses are like energy communications
Transactions just for you
To love into dark dawn look to the sky star

The rainbow of your lips is so soft and so sorrowful
River of love sky of infinity
This is the end river over me

Up two down one close to the sun
Up two down one belonging to me
Up two down one close to the sun
I love the way you

10 Auschwitz/words from Dante’s Inferno.

“………….quando l’amor divino
mosse di prima quelle cose belle”

Canto 1 line 39

Close To My Heart- Lyrics




Lyrics from the all new Beggars Opera RGS:

Close to my Heart RGS 9473


A collection of progressive rock love songs, that range from the tender to the surreal. At some point in our lives we have loved or fallen out of love, experienced attachment or abandonment and lived to tell the tale. Beggars Opera have drawn inspiration from the limitations and restrictions of living with electrosensitivity, a condition from which Ricky Gardiner has suffered since 1995. This has proved a fertile ground for invention, new possibilities and techniques which are perhaps more related to contemporary art than to rock but nevertheless resulted in the song you hear now.(see Decode Interview) An electrically sensitive person has to have distance and be shielded from all computing and electrical devices. Imagine if you could not sit next to your processors! Therefore every day is a challenge and life on the edge of the unpredictable demands constant foresight and vigilance. There can be no guarantees and no goals, therefore by default each project becomes an adventure, with NO apparent control over the outcome. A kind of liberation resulted from this unimaginable restriction, but the creative process is inevitably extremely slow.
Now you must say of these days all those things that were meant to go unnoticed I might add that I always saw you even when you were far away. I kept your secret for you. What did you do in the corner when no one saw you? When no one called you what did you say to her? Corner stone sense of perfume no sense of time. Hair moving down her back like willows rivering weeping in strands of tantalising touching. There where the world’s edge was opening and no one could pretend. I might add that I always saw you even though you were far away. I kept your secret for you.

Bath stone and exhibition glowing from a round face pitching into colours installations of the brave. Passing her passing her over to the world. Leaning lights and bright holes drawing beams across the walls. Sacred mind cracked up nose leaving cardboard in a blind. Passing her passing her over to the world. Glazing chalk inter plastic fill your grape with two tone gel creep across even stones wet and handsome tall and tense. Essence in the nose I pierced frozen hair and glimpsy eyes folds of old and modern life videos active acting choice. I love you you love me. Internal a world external a ‘Wasn’t it nice?’ racing for the beach running racing for the beach swimming facing you with the sun wetter than hot on the face of the luminous land.

You hardly ever surround me with joy I hardly ever survive. You mostly never allure me I mostly never deny. I find it hard to be so soft I find it hard to be so slow I find it hard to connect. I tell you what I love. She stretched me and I wished upon a star. We’re on a new track unavailable memory on a new track brighter than light. Can we save innocence in a hand that presses close to my heart? Waiting through you just to dream on fire she sounds her card, I grow. We’re on a new track unavailable memory on a new track brighter than light. OK, it’s over but hey a lush garden on a long shore a long wait rowing softly does the red seem clearer to you ?

04 A-HA
I’m going over to the store look some more write some more be over in the night to see you. Carry on tonight where I left off so pleasingly with wording presents. AHA. Can go there but no one will ever sing with me live on golden wishes to carry over something move it on lower into the boat deeper slower. AHA. I heard someone say sorry to me but it was not you. I know now you can’t forgive yourself I know how regrettable it must have been. AHA. What is love to you then just over flowers never quite allowing yourself to commit in case you did it again then come the day when you did it again. AHA. I lost you several times on the beach that day ways of defying the needs that you had for me. Back to the dance of me love of me need of me knowing I could keep you from a certain lunacy. AHA.

Write it up outwardly sink into little fast movements to claim a reward. For the time that you skipped the rest of it missed the point and left me for dead. Little fast thoughts pre-eminent habits of lust for love veering towards madness. Kicking me coldly for needing a moreness than you thought for that pain you bled me to empty. Can’t do remembering. To enter that indescribable craving which admittedly gorged on me to leave only bones for your nursing on this. Little sweet mouthfuls no words just feasting on games. Can’t do remembering. Your tight lips of blue were kindling on air thoughts running a rash of little evil thoughts. Designing drawing tension from inexplicable corners of my past in-operations. By the time I was able to walk away unhurt 50/50 chance of survival. Can’t do remembering.

New century times awake and a circle opens a heart beats alive for you in time. A story with an opening again and again with sweetness and a smile in time. You cover me with warm eyes that welcome in that moment. You held my heart you took my eyes you tendered over my surprise. Yet she was there in you suppose you must have missed her fond of her quiet curving lips. Shivering when you come near to the point of believing in me. Cold trust feeling it’s way to vanishing point or less than a return.The eagle devours a look of uninhibition the want of words in less than a useful way.

All around kneeling to plant the bluebells days remembered to look for you.Seeking a folding companion of the body and of the soul you kept me waiting endlessly so you could feel secure. Still you don’t ask me love me in the night’s kind promises. On top of this very radical moment is a picture of you flown from the very depths of me apparently uncontrolled. Soft in the warnings of a look and a day love and you arrive at a tour of the inner you. Bridging my inner loneliness with a surprising fate towering over me invisible to you so skilled in your love pot of roses sitting for me. On top of this very radical moment is a picture of you flown from the very depths of me apparently uncontrolled. From here to the asteroid print in my mouth I loved you. Time to time we lie of worldly animation of uncontained rubato of heartbeat and sound. On top of this very radical moment is a picture of you flown from the very depths of me apparently uncontrolled.

Did you really walk out of my space arms behind your back in shame? I remember I remember I remember when you were late. Scenes in my mind of incredible senselessness. Somewhere deep inside else where inside you you must have been longing to tell me why.I remember when you I remember when you were late.Scenes in my mind of incredible senselessness.

She brought the book back kicking and stealing at the door break into the shop around. Sing it till the beast arrives waiting for the plane to come in the true some story I could tell. But break my road arrange it so I can away with over flown embraces. Sing it till the beast arrive waiting for the plane to come in the true some story I could tell. So under breath you touch me with the street looking on you stranger . I was locked I was cold I was sound dead for a long time. I was touched in the place don’t try to touch in the wrong place. Sing it till the beast arrives waiting for the plane to come in the true some story I could tell.

Hiding in the small inventions treating life as empty rush upon rush of you. You must have loved me you never offered you needed nothing but your play space open. A ruder regret was just to attack you when senselessness gazed at the atrophied hulk of you lost in your dreaming. Matter to me that you didn’t see it 17 years I didn’t want to loose it. Scared to expose your needs to the great running river. Uninteresting shades glow for the moment ambitions so towering can’t tell you how I might have screwed it up in the fact that you needed me. Used to the limits of openness tiring all of me the gate could not hold open. To prepare even more seclusion is you there’s always another layer in spaces even smaller and further inside in the angelus thread of shame and of surrealing. Biting at conscience it eats at the nourishing substance creeping even further till fall you must fall and still further till over you go into deep crenillations and wonder how the hell you got there.

Solo tree in gaze of hill a sun blue sky stare of eye silver stones fretless moan to greet the only way we know. Come in. Afternoon of you and me. Together seeing free to be as we are to be as a one should have taken me away on this only afternoon we could have lost ourselves in spaces of irretrievable abandon. Meet me at the Savinien on the day of the moon.Sending quick eye notes to me with lock of attention. Sending quick eye notes to me at 18.03. Talking to feeling my heart it is go space in the box colour of many spectrum call clever to ease is so nice to feel you meeting me in there. You thawing smiling melting over the corner into the shade faraway not a real secret today it shone and was over me scented and folding.


All copyright RGS Ricky Gardiner Songs