Close To My Heart


Close to my Heart RGS 9473

Beggars Opera CTMH lyric 


A collection of progressive rock love songs, that range from the tender to the surreal. At some point in our lives we have loved or fallen out of love, experienced attachment or abandonment and lived to tell the tale. Beggars Opera have drawn inspiration from the limitations and restrictions of living with electrosensitivity, a condition from which Ricky Gardiner has suffered since 1995. This has proved a fertile ground for invention, new possibilities and techniques which are perhaps more related to contemporary art than to rock but nevertheless resulted in the song you hear now.(see Decode Interview) An electrically sensitive person has to have distance and be shielded from all computing and electrical devices. Imagine if you could not sit next to your processors! Therefore every day is a challenge and life on the edge of the unpredictable demands constant foresight and vigilance. There can be no guarantees and no goals, therefore by default each project becomes an adventure, with NO apparent control over the outcome. A kind of liberation resulted from this unimaginable restriction, but the creative process is inevitably extremely slow.


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