Remembering Beggars Opera

Death from Beggars Can’t be Choosers

Guitars : Ricky Gardiner

Keys: Virginia Scott

Vox: Pete Scott


A film by Virginia Scott 2018

copyright RGS




Lose a Life

Beggars Opera Lose a Life Lyrics

Imagine a world in which every day objects emit such harmful radiation it makes normal existence impossible and what if these emissions seriously damage the health of individuals on a global scale?
It sounds like science fiction, but that is the plight of those suffering from electrosensitivity according to the creators of this extraordinary album.

‘The purpose of this album is to raise the profile of the world problem of electrosensitivity. The method used here is essentially a sonic biography of my ʻexistenceʼ living with the nightmare of electrosensitivity.
The lyrics Virginia has written are a direct reflection of what has been observed in me and in no way exaggerated thus carry the power of truth. It is my contention that all people are to some extent ES which remains at a more or less manageable level until something happens in life which dramatically lowers the threshold to the susceptibility of the ES problem. This has been confirmed by Dr George Carlo, who maintains that there is always an ʻeventʼ that triggers the descent into ES. Does anybody on this earth get through life without some significant event?”

Ricky Gardiner 2010

Lose a Life RGS 9485 nano opera was written by composer Virginia Aurora Scott

based on the true story of Ricky Gardiner‘s ES.

01/ Electrofire Invasion
02/ Electro Half Light
03/ Masts on my Roof
04/ Cosmic Tango
05/ Dr.Carlo
06/ Tango for the End of Time

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More Blue Sky

Beggars Opera Doris Single RGS 9500 2012

3 new art rock tracks from 70’s Prog rockers Beggars Opera. Ricky Gardiner’s surreal power guitar, Virginia Scott’s nano rocky horror tale lyrics and voice and Tom Gardiner solid drums.

1/ Doris

2/ More Blue Sky

3/ It’s Friday Night You Know

Beggars Opera


Filmed at the Camera Obscura Bristol one recent sunny sunday deep in the dark bit down to the vertiginous look over the Clifton Gorge and bridge.

Ricky Gardiner Guitars
Virginia Scott Keys and Vox
Tom Gardiner Drums





A 70’s vintage treat of 10 rock songs, mirroring the zietgeist of 1974, with a hint of the burlesque from Beggars Opera, through the powerful deep sensuous rock blues vocals of Pete Scott’s Jack the Ripper to the soaring melodies of Ricky Gardiner’s guitar solos, gently tucked in by Virginia Scott ‘s multiple keyboards and Mike Travis laid back virtuosity.

Digital remaster of the Beggars Opera vintage Sagittary album originally released on vinyl 1974 by Jupiter Records Germany and on CD in 2007 Repertoire Records Germany.

Ricky Gardiner: Guitars
Virginia Scott: Keys
Pete Scott: Vocals
Mike Travis : Drums

RGS 9505

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Beggars Can’t be Choosers


Beggars Opera Beggars Can’t be Choosers RGS 9506 on itunes:
70’s vintage rock with more than a hint of burlesque Zappa style comedy cartooning raunch from Beggars Opera: through Pete Scott’s power driven hot blues vocals of roadie anthem ‘I’m a Roadie‘, the singsong chord harmonies of Ricky Gardiner‘s guitar, to the Ballardian desolation of the long imaginary expressionist Western style finale ‘Death’, generously coloured by Virginia Scott‘s multiple keys/ synths of the day and drums of the celebrated Clem Cattini.

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All Tomorrows Thinking


‘All Tomorrows Thinking” is the deepest of the two, starting with “How She Swam” and rounding off with the racy “Faces In You”, filled with the six-string harmonies and pure prog keyboards; in between, the sparseness takes the lead, despite all the riffs and vignettes. It’s a paradox in the very spirit of the band so, while “Catching On To You” flows heavy, etching itself in a memory, in “Those Echoes”, the ’80s plastic pop rears its head along the glittery, if understated, melodic lines. But it’s on “Suddenly Ahead Ahead” that ethereal surrealism takes over, right after the fantastic, Spanish-hued liquid guitar of the title track soars into invisibility, and if “Towers Falling” rocks the joint in bluesy vein, the tremulous “Sad Songs” booms with echoing twang of good vintage.’ Dmitry Epstein 2010

Beggars Opera ATT lyric


A collection of surreal songs created from Ricky Gardiner‘s Guitar archives.

Twin release to Suddenly Ahead Ahead: RGS 9483.





Touching the Edge

Beggars Opera Touching the Edge RGS 9475 2008

More surreal songs, including the awesome Auschwitz., where searing guitar meets operatic vocals set to a tercet from Dante’s Inferno.

“Gardiner obviously plays just for himself, for his thoughts, not to show off his skills but to let his feelings out. Little by little guitar gets higher and higher and starts to weep… It cries and it soars.

Suddenly the sound becomes sparse and breaks down. From beyond in flies Virginia’s soprano chanting Dante’s verses and then – guitar returns, this time going low. It sings and stumbles and stumbles again as a wounded bird..”

Dmitry Epstein Let it Rock 1998


Beggars Opera TTE lyrics